Instagram Story Downloader is a service designed to save IG Stories, watch them offline, and reuse them. 1. After you post Instagram Stories, they'll be saved in a private Stories Archive in your account. How to add Instagram Highlights covers or icons? 9. The cosmetics brand crafts eye-catching highlights (that also match their brand colors) to present their products and services. don’t forget that who can see the story would see that highlights too. An Instagram story is available to view for 24 hours. After adding the story to your highlights and waiting for 24 hours, you should start unblocking people whom you blocked on Instagram story control and voila! But it's easy to change the highlight cover to another image so it looks exactly the way you want on your profile. Add Instagram Highlights Without Adding to Story. I’ve taken the time out to design covers and put them up... for free regardless of what theme you have going on on your feed. This appeal brings the design of their profile to life and it makes the visitors feel the user-friendliness of the profile. Note: The screenshots were taken on Android, but the steps remain almost the same for iPhone as well. If the photo you want to use as the highlight's cover is not already in your highlights, you must add it. For this challenge, I will definitely recommend Canva. You will notice that the cover images are usually the images in the stories that you’ve selected for that particular Highlight. 5. Highlights are a good way to show Instagram users what you offer. For now, all we can dos is to hide stories on instagram which is done using the steps below: Step 1: First you From the next page, tap on the Share button and select Save Image or Save Video (depend on the type of the Instagram Story). I’m a creator too and I thought to help others. In the new window, tap and select the stories you want to appear in the Highlight and tap, Go to your profile and hold your finger pressed on the Highlight you want to edit, Choose the stories you want to add and tap, Use this new format to tell an ongoing story, Make the content of your stories accessible to new followers, Educate them about your previous activities posted in the stories, Showcase your products or services, in a structured and categorized way, Go to your profile and hold your finger to the Highlight you want to edit, Choose any template, delete its content and change the background color, Share this design to your email and save it to your phone’s camera roll. They use their colors but not for designing the cover icons. See how Nike Women does that in practice. … It's possible to post highlights of your Instagram Stories to preserve a selection of your stories, which usually disappear after 24 hours. Tap on a story you want to download. Carrots n Cake Flexible Macro Plans & Coaching – provides a very indebted structure about their content published via Instagram stories and use all green icons with the same layout to represent all different categories of the Highlights. Understanding Instagram stories for business can be one of your main competitive advantages for your 2020 marketing activities. Take a look at how the French beauty chain Sephora is doing this. Upload your story. Talk with us, Instagram Live Shopping: Making it Easier to Shop in Real-Time, How to Embed Instagram Stories on Any Website, Instagram IGTV: Everything You Need to Know About, Instagram Nametag Feature: Everything You Need To Know, Turn Customer Testimonials Into Facebook Ads, 5 Awesome Customer Testimonials Pages Examples That Work, FeedLink: Free Linktree Alternative for Your Instagram Link in bio, Pinterest Story Pins: Everything You Need to Know. Before you start, please add the icon images in your phone’s camera roll and follow these steps. We use cookies to improve your experience. 3. The main reasons why you need to use Instagram Highlights, are the following: The covers and the text of the Instagram Highlights are gaining huge popularity due to the fact that these small icons are the first thing a new visitor to your Instagram profile will see. They are front and center on your profile, serving as the perfect indicators to show users what your brand is all about. You can add these cover templates to your current story highlights (or just use them for your story backgrounds). And if you want to delete the Highlight, just press and hold on the Highlight you want to delete and choose the option ‘Delete Highlight’. 4. This is a current trend, and as you are probably aware you want to make sure people coming to your profile click on these icons and check your great Instagram stories. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories, Samsung Galaxy S10 (From $899.99 at Best Buy), How to disable comments on Instagram on a post-by-post basis, How to add a location on your Instagram story to share it with your followers, How to hide comments on Instagram live in 5 simple steps, How to see your message requests on Instagram, accept or ignore a message, or block a user, How to add Spotify music to your Instagram story in 5 simple steps. CEO of EmbedSocial | Facebook ads craftsmen | Previous founder of a Facebook Partner Company | Lena's Dad. In the bottom right-hand corner, tap the three horizontal dots above the word "More" — this will access the highlights menu. Add Instagram Highlights Without Adding to Story Since no direct way exists, you need to follow the steps carefully. But, in this tutorial, it will show you how to change the Highlights covers without sharing them in a story. The archived stories can be uploaded manually by using the upload option for a custom story that you can later add in your stories Highlights menu. The main attributes of the Highlights are: Note that, once you create the Highlights they appear in your Instagram profile screen right below your bio text and profile photo. In the following section, you can find some interesting ideas on how to organize the Instagram stories and design the Highlights covers. If you have a Instagram story that you’re particularly proud of, you can add it to your highlights. The Instagram Stories have become one of the main channels for brands to connect, engage, and gain real results from their digital marketing activities. Select Edit Highlight from the pop-up menu. Once you know how you want to create the icons, you will need to make a plan for the overall design of the Highlights section. It is a very easy tool and it already have predefined icons that you can easily re-use to make Instagram highlights covers. The EmbedSocial team is dedicated to exceed your expectations and bring you the most innovative social media tools. 1. As mentioned above, you have two ways how to create an Instagram Story Highlights: Let me show you how to create a Highlight with the first option: If you have an active story and you want to make sure this story is added to a Highlight just follow these steps: Once you do this, your new Highlight will appear on your profile photo and your followers will be able to view it even after the 24 hour story lifetime. The famous footwear corporation includes famous athletes as their brand ambassadors in their main story highlights covers. 2. The good news is that there are tools like EmbedStories that can display Instagram stories on any website. Instagram has a new feature called Story highlights. Since no direct way exists, you need to follow the steps carefully. See how the American chain of restaurants Shake Shack is doing this. Unlike Instagram Stories that disappear after 24 hours, Instagram Stories Highlights can live permanently on your profile. Glossier Inc. a people-powered beauty ecosystem – they use pink color only for their profile image (not a logo) and for the Highlights covers they use only blank – white images. Very minimalistic and very different than other accounts, who usually use icons or some product images. How to display Instagram Highlights on your website? When creating Highlight icons, make sure it is in line with your brand identity but still have fun, and try to be as innovative as possible to make that small space eyecatching. Instagram Highlights are groups of stories that you can create as folder sections on your Instagram profiles. We all know that Instagram stories disappear in 24 hours. Starbucks Coffee – they use real people photos as cover icons for the Highlights. It’s a lot like featured albums on Facebook except it’s a way to immortalize your Instagram stories beyond their 24 hour lifespan. And, in order to give the option for the users to save some of the stories and make them visible as a pin in their profile, Instagram has provided a feature called Highlights. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. To make your profile have a cohesive look and keep your brand voice, try including your brand kit in your Instagram highlights covers. Highlights Without Stories It is necessary to add an image/video to a story first to make a highlight. To add Instagram stories from your archive to a highlight and pin them on your profile, follow the steps below: You can add more photos or videos to your highlight at any time by following these steps: Also in this ‘Edit Highlight’ screen, it’s text and it’s the cover image. For any information on how to embed Instagram Highlights on your website, feel free to chat with us. As a summary, Instagram highlights help brands catch the eye of their followers and keep them engaged in a more creative way. 7. Check out how Florence by Mills does this. Instead of the cover icons, they use text and as the Highlight name, they use emoji. Make Profile Private. Your bio information and of course right below one of the most useful Instagram features, the Instagram stories highlights! Sep 24, 2020 - Instagram has made it easier to give your profile a “portfolio-like” feel. After blocking everyone from seeing your story, upload the story from your gallery … This means that you can embed Instagram Highlights but only for the stories that are already generated in the EmbedStories platform. Conclusion you can send the content from the gallery to stories, but to make them as highlights, you should open the instagram app. You can turn any of these stories into "Highlights," which will appear publicly on your profile page. Here are few Highlights covers for inspiration: 1. With Instagram’s Stories Highlights, users can take their once-temporary photos and 15-second video clips from their archived collection of Stories past … Oh and by the way, you can download their stories too. You can turn any of these stories into "Highlights," which will appear publicly on your profile page. Highlights Without Stories. Once you are done crafting your unique Instagram highlights, why not show your creativity on your website too? We all know that Instagram stories disappear in 24 hours. Tag me in your stories to let me know if you used them too. And from the looks of it, Instagram highlights popularity isn’t going to vanish anytime soon. Download instagram photos, videos and stories highlights , Very easy instagram downloader on your mobile or PC. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Fact check: New York Gov. Find your highlights under your profile bio and select the one you want to edit the cover of. This is why you should consider spending some time planning on how to apply them to showcase and promote your brand. Please note that at this moment Instagram does not have an API that will allow third-party tools to directly sync the websites with your Instagram Highlights. Therefore, having hard-produced story videos or images, saved for future followers to view at any time, make the Highlights feature very important for the community managers and digital marketers. Highlights covers – option to add a custom image or an icon that will represent the topic of the stories that are saved inside; Highlights name – option to name the Highlight the same as you do with naming folders. What do people see first when they open your Instagram profile? How do I download Instagram Story on a computer? Tap the profile icon on the far right of the bottom menu. How to make Instagram highlight covers for the Story Highlights on your profile page. You will only need to follow the steps below, and in a very fast time you will be able to create your highlight covers: Once you want to change the cover, just choose this icon from your phone’s camera roll. They use simple icons with their predominant black color as a background and green graphics to present their company activities. This means that once you post a story you can save it in a Highlight (like a folder) that will display on your Instagram profile, or you can activate the Archive option that will automatically save Instagram stories and in future create highlights from the saved stories in your archive. Just pick from the lots and enjoy using them. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. A Hypify Company.All Rights Reserved, Hypify Media, LLC. What are Instagram Story Highlights? Instagram Highlights examples to get inspired, Tips for creating effective Instagram Stories Highlights covers. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. So, to make sure you keep up with the latest trends, we combined some tips with real examples to showcase how you can design the Highlight covers to get the best of this Instagram feature. © 2020 StorySpy. 1. 3. 1. Tap Done in the upper right-hand corner, and once more to save your changes. For example, see how Instagram for business is doing this. Let’s take a look at the Instagram Story Highlights tips, tricks, and hidden features. Instagram highlights popularity has definitely resulted in them being an essential element of every Instagram profile. Andrew Cuomo announced he would defer his annual raise. 2. Watch instagram stories anonymously. After you post Instagram Stories, they'll be saved in a private Stories Archive in your account. They use simple, but cute icons to demonstrate their activities on Instagram, from posting stories about new products or categorizing these stories by a product type. Related Searches: download private Instagram photos online The story should be live for full twenty-four hours to be able to continue as a highlight. Each highlight has a cover photo, and the default cover option is the first photo or video within that highlight. After you post Instagram Stories, they'll be saved in a private Stories Archive in your account. Launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone. Toggle through your highlights to find the photo you want to use as the cover. You can turn any of these stories into "Highlights," which will … In this guide, you will learn all you need to know to create Instagram Highlights that will help you stand out from the crowd. With our detailed manual, you can easily download your favorite Stories on your computer, regardless of your operating system - Windows, Mac, or Linux. Generate, analyze and embed Instagram stories on any website. If you created a masterpiece story and want to keep it forever instead of 24 hours, read more to learn how to save Instagram stories. It is necessary to add an image/video to a story first to make a highlight. Cool right?! The actual covers are a photo of the athlete and the name of the Highlight is her name. Instagram highlights can not be hidden till date and there is no news whether it is going to happen or not. Privacy Terms If you created a masterpiece story and want to keep it forever instead of 24 hours, read more to learn how to save Instagram stories. These highlights will remain visible at the top of your Instagram page, so having a cohesive and consistent look by using icons, really helps your page to stand out.