Google’s new AR experience lets you hunt down The Mandalorian . CQ: What's Your Favorite Bond Game? 8:04 PM EST. Bond — James Bond — is coming to a console and computer screen near you with an all-new origin story about the iconic British superspy. Nov 24, 2020. Yesterday, IO Interactive, the studio behind the iconic Hitman franchise, teased that the team is ready to reveal its latest project.Now, we've got our first look with a new teaser trailer of what IO has been working on, and it turns out it is a 007 James Bond origins story: Project 007.. … Nov 24, 2020. IO Interactive, the developer of Hitman games, has announced a new James Bond game called Project 007 (working title). Google could soon allow updates to emoji without full Android upgrades. The developers are no stranger to games that feature suave, easily cosplay-able badass characters rocking up in an environment and getting their dirty assassin business (or in the case of James Bond, spy business) done. James Bond isn’t new to video games. James Bond is the perfect franchise for IO Interactive. 20 November 2020. There are many secret agents, rogue operatives, and covert specialists in the gaming world, but only one James Bond… In fact, the first James Bond video game was all the way back in 1983. Video game developer IO Interactive, known for its recent, critically lauded Hitman stealth games, has announced its next project: a James Bond origin story called "Project 007." Contact Us; Contests; Big Deals; Latest Tech Deals; News. 9:08 PM EST. Since then the James Bond franchise has gone on to be one of Hollywood’s longest running and most successful film franchises. Nov 24, 2020.