He worked for Charlie Luciano and was in charge of bootlegging and gambling. [12][13] The people of the mountainous country of Albania have always had strong traditions of family and clan loyalty, in some ways similar to that of southern Italy. Public enemies, public heroes: screening the gangster from Little Caesar to Touch of Evil. [32] After the assassination of Big Jim Colosimo, Torrio took his place in the Chicago Outfit. ISBN 0-306-81301-7 Munby, Jonathan (1999). Filmul are la bază povestea adevărată a lui Frank Lucas ⁠(d. Distribuție. [49], Although some Hong Kong gangster movies are simply vehicles for violent action, the mainstream movies in the genre deal with Triad societies portrayed as quasi-benign organizations. Born: Nicodemo Domenico Scarfo March 8, 1929. There were also "Nativist" anti-immigration gangs such as the Bowery Boys. [51] Infernal Affairs (2002) is a thriller about a police officer who infiltrates a triad and a triad member who infiltrates the police department. After Luciano had Masseria killed, Luciano became the boss, and Gambino was sent by Luciano to the Scalise Family. The film was remade by Martin Scorsese as The Departed. The American Mafia arose from offshoots of the Mafia that emerged in the United States during the late nineteenth century, following waves of emigration from Sicily. Films made in the 1960s were often influenced by Japanese yakuza films, dealing with internal conflict between members of a gang or external conflict with other gangs. [citation needed], Born in southern Italy in 1882, Torrio immigrated to the United States with his mother after his father's death, which happened when he was three years old. Sixty five percent of cocaine enters the United States through Mexico, and the vast majority of the rest enters through Florida. Triads today are highly organized, with departments responsible for functions such as accounting, recruiting, communications, training and welfare in addition to the operational arms. [16] Gangsters are also called mobsters, a term derived from mob and the suffix -ster. Nicodemo Scarfo. Although the ending is presented as a moral outcome, it is usually seen as no more than an accidental failure. He took charge of Lucianos gang when Lucky Luciano was arrested, during his time in power he expanded the gang's operations into white collar crimes. Brooklyn, New York, U.S. Died: His body was never found. Little Caesar is a 1931 American pre-Code crime film distributed by Warner Brothers, directed by Mervyn LeRoy, and starring Edward G. Robinson, Glenda Farrell, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. ISBN 0-226-55033-8 Nochimson, Martha (2007). As of 2009 they had an estimated 80,900 members. Born March 31, 1900. Some contemporary criminals refer to themselves as "gangsta" in reference to non-rhotic black American pronunciation. During this violent period, Campagna reportedly slept on a cot outside Capone's suite at Chicago's Lexington Hotel, ready to protect his boss. ; Bart Simpson, the 10-year-old son, who gets in trouble. But a gang may be a larger group with a formal organization that survives the death of its leader. By 1993, the Colombian government, helped by the US, had successfully dismantled the cartel by imprisoning or hunting and gunning down its members. Frank Costello was an influential gangster. In 1940, the union head obtained a temporary injunction against Campagna and other Outfit members. In fact, the first feature-length movie ever produced was The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906), an Australian production that traced the life of the outlaw Ned Kelly (1855–1880). [8] In 1988 the Soviet Union legalized private enterprise but did not provide regulations to ensure the security of market economy. [2] When Willie Morris Bioff, Campagna's front man with the union, was arrested on another charge, he sent word to Campagna that he wanted to leave the Outfit. In today's usage, the term "gang" is generally used for a criminal organization, and the term "gangster" invariably describes a criminal. Cocaine shipments from South America transported through Mexico or Central America are generally moved over land or by air to staging sites in northern Mexico. The hero is typically torn between compassion for the oppressed and his sense of duty to the gang. The Simpson family. [11] More recently, criminals with stronger ties to big business and the government have displaced the Vory from some of their traditional niches, although the Vory are still strong in gambling and the retail trade.[10]. Campagna was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery, in Hillside, Illinois, in what observers described as the most lavish mob funeral since Capone's death. When Campagna discovered that Aiello was in jail on a murder conspiracy charge, he and 20 other Outfit gunmen went to the station to try to get him. One such rule was that cooperation with the authorities of any kind was forbidden. [2], On May 30, 1955, Campagna was fishing on his lawyer's boat in Biscayne Bay in Florida. Nicodemo Domenico "Little Nicky" Scarfo (March 8, 1929 – January 13, 2017) was a member of the American Mafia who became the boss of the Philadelphia crime family after the deaths of Angelo Bruno and Phil Testa. For other uses, see, "Mobsters" redirects here. American Gangster este un film american biografic și de crimă, produs și regizat de Ridley Scott și scris de Steven Zaillian. An undercover police officer in a nearby cell later overheard the following exchange in Sicilian between the two mobsters: Campagna: "You're dead, dear friend, you're dead. Capone would rise to control a major portion of illicit activity such as gambling, prostitution, and bootlegging in Chicago during the early twentieth century.[39]. [43], The years 1931 and 1932 saw the genre produce three classics: Warner Bros.' Little Caesar and The Public Enemy, which made screen icons out of Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney, and Howard Hughes' Scarface starring Paul Muni, which offered a dark psychological analysis of a fictionalized Al Capone. [2] Through his relatives the Castellano, he joined the Masseria Family while Lucky Luciano was the underboss in the Masseria Family, Gambino worked for him. Crude markets emerged, the most notorious being the Rizhsky market where prostitution rings were run next to the Rizhsky Railway Station in Moscow. Most modern yakuza derive from two classifications which emerged in the mid-Edo period: tekiya, those who primarily peddled illicit, stolen or shoddy goods; and bakuto, those who were involved in or participated in gambling. Gambino was born in Palermo, Sicily, but moved to the United States at the age of 21. [1][2] Since the Catholic Church denied Campagna a church funeral, the memorial service was held at a funeral home in Berwyn, Illinois. [20] Following Capone's 1931 conviction for tax evasion, Campagna rose through the Outfit ranks as an extortionist and labor racketeer under Outfit boss Paul "The Waiter" Ricca. ", Campagna: "You dirty rat! They are notorious for their strict codes of conduct and very organized nature. [46], City of God (Portuguese: Cidade de Deus) is a 2002 Brazilian crime drama film directed by Fernando Meirelles and co-directed by Kátia Lund, released in its home country in 2002 and worldwide in 2003. This coincided with large scale migration throughout Europe and to the United States and Canada. [35], Charles Lucky Luciano born Salvatore Lucania[36] [salvaˈtoːre lukaˈniːa];[37] November 24, 1897 – January 26, 1962) was probably the most influential Mafia boss, he was an Italian-born mobster, criminal mastermind, and crime boss who operated mainly in the United States. He was severely wounded by members of the North Side Gang while returning from a shopping trip, forcing him, along with other problems, to quit the criminal activity. Gangsters are the subject of many novels, films, and video games. The storyline was adapted from the novel of the same name by William R. Burnett. You won't get to the end of the street still walking. One of Campagna's gang associates was future Chicago Outfit boss Al Capone. Mexican drug cartels now dominate the wholesale illicit drug market in the United States. In 1943, Campagna and his associates stole about $900,000 from the treasury of the Retail Clerks International Protective Association, Local 1248, in Chicago. In Chicago, the Gangster Disciples have a long and bitter rivalry with the Black Disciples. These include airdrops of 500–700 kg in the Bahama Islands or off the coast of Puerto Rico, mid-ocean boat-to-boat transfers of 500–2,000 kg, and the commercial shipment of tonnes of cocaine through the port of Miami. On December 22, 1943, Campagna was convicted of extortion. After 1812, the feudal barons steadily sold off or rented their lands to private citizens. In August 1947, after 42 months in prison, Campagna was released on parole his first of eligibility. He was sentenced a week later to ten years imprisonment in Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. [31] He was a big influence on Al Capone, who regarded him as a mentor. After this encounter, the frightened Bioff became a government witness and assisted in the 1943 extortion case against Campagna. During the early 1940s, Campagna extorted $1 million from the U.S. film industry through the takeover of the International Alliance of Theatrical, Stage Employees & Motion Picture Operators Union in Los Angeles. [50] The movie gangster applies the Taoist principles of balance and honor to his conduct. [42], The stereotypical image and myth of the American gangster is closely associated with organized crime during the Prohibition era of the 1920s and 1930s. The Gangster Disciples are a street gang which was formed in the South Side of Chicago in the late 1960s, by Larry Hoover, leader of the Supreme Gangsters, and David Barksdale, leader of the Black Disciples.The two groups united to form the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN). [6], After his release, Campagna returned to Chicago to work for the Outfit under boss Sam Giancana. [19], As American society and culture developed, new immigrants were relocating to the United States. He was also the Luciano gangs emissary to politicians, he later held sway over politicians which enabled him political protection to continue his business. [40], Gangs have long been the subject of movies. Members of Triads who migrated to the United States often joined these tongs. After his final release in November 1924, Campagna returned to New York.[2]. It was entered into the 41st Berlin International Film Festival where it won an Honourable Mention. Often, police officers and politicians were paid off or extorted to ensure continued operation. Soon after Louis' imprisonment, his wife Charlotte successfully petitioned the government to transfer him closer to Chicago at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. [citation needed] The Little Gangster (Dutch: De Boskampi's) is a 2015 Dutch film directed by Arne Toonen and Arent Jack. Although based in Albania, the gangs often handle international transactions such as trafficking in economic migrants, drugs and other contraband, and weapons. Starting in the 1970s, strict censorship caused decline in the number and quality of gangster movies, and none were made in the 1980s. Verbrechers zu einer Straßengang oder Ähnlichem.. Etymologie. He grows into a tough, self-confident young man who is hardened to violence. An organization that coordinates gangs in different countries involved in the international trade in drugs or prostitutes may not be considered a "gang". [52], Gangster films make up one of the most profitable segments of the South Korean film industry. The first record of a triad society, Heaven and Earth Gathering, dates to the Lin Shuangwen uprising on Taiwan from 1786 to 1787. Former KGB agents and veterans of the Afghan and First and Second Chechen Wars, now unemployed but with experience that could prove useful in crime, joined the increasing crime wave. The Little Gangster (French: Le Petit Criminel) is a 1990 French drama film directed by Jacques Doillon.It was entered into the 41st Berlin International Film Festival where it won an Honourable Mention. [41] The United States has profoundly influenced the genre, but other cultures have contributed distinctive and often excellent gangster movies. Later Scalise was stripped of his rank, and Vincenzo Mangano became boss until 1951, when Mangano disappeared. Campagna then visited Bioff in prison and gave him the following answer: Anybody who resigns, resigns feet first."[2]. For example, the common view that illegal drug distribution in the United States is largely controlled by gangs has been questioned. Known as "The Fox" for his cunning, he helped the formation of the Chicago Outfit and he is credited for inspiring the birth of the National Crime Syndicate. Along with his associates, he was instrumental in the development of the National Crime Syndicate. [23], The terms "gangster" and "mobster" are mostly used in the United States to refer to members of criminal organizations associated with Prohibition or with an American offshoot of the Italian Mafia (such as the Chicago Outfit, the Philadelphia Mafia, or the Five Families). When Campagna arrived, the police noticed that he was carrying a handgun and immediately arrested him. [17], Yakuza are members of traditional organized crime syndicates in Japan. [15] Some gangs are considered to be part of organized crime. ]: University of Chicago Press. [S.l. Campagna also worked with Calabrian Frankie LaPorte, the Chicago Heights boss, and was believed to be Capone's boss who reported back to the Commission for Chicago. The traffickers use a variety of smuggling techniques to transfer their drug to U.S. markets. He later changed his name from Francesco Castiglia to Frank Costello when he joined a gang at age 13. Bullets over Hollywood: the American gangster picture from the silents to The Sopranos. Louis Campagna. These were followed by the Italian Five Points Gang and later a Jewish gang known as the Eastman Gang. Louis "Little New York" Campagna (March 31, 1900 – May 30, 1955) was an American gangster and mobster and a high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit for over three decades. Though the gangster in each film would face a violent downfall which was designed to remind the viewers of the consequences of crime, audiences were often able to identify with the charismatic anti-hero. [21][22] Gangster erwirtschaften ihren Lebensunterhalt durch kriminelle Handlungen, wie Diebstahl und Raub, Drogen-und Waffenhandel, Erpressung und Korruption.. Das Wort entstammt dem amerikanischen Englisch und betont die Zugehörigkeit des Kleinkriminellen bzw. In the Soviet period Vory v Zakone emerged, a class of criminals that had to abide by certain rules in the prison system. After Campagna's release from the reformatory, Capone summoned him to Chicago to become his bodyguard. Ethnic Albanian gangs have grown rapidly since 1992 during the prolonged period of instability in the Balkans after the collapse of Yugoslavia. Costello retired from the gangster life style and died peacefully in 1973. [33] Elmer Irey, official of the United States Treasury Department, defined Torrio "the biggest gangster in America", "the smartest and the best of all the hoodlums"[34] while Virgil W. Peterson of the Chicago Crime Commission considered him "an organizational genius". The Medellín Cartel was an organized network of drug suppliers and smugglers originating in the city of Medellín, Colombia. Arrests of key gang leaders, particularly in the Tijuana and Gulf cartels, have led to increasing drug violence as gangs fight for control of the trafficking routes into the United States. The U.S. Department of Justice went to court to revoke the parole, but was unsuccessful. Nicodemo Scarfo. [18] [47] The film received four Academy Award nominations in 2004. It depicts the growth of organized crime in the Cidade de Deus suburb of Rio de Janeiro, between the end of the '60s and the beginning of the '80s, with the closure of the film depicting the war between the drug dealer Li'l Zé and criminal Knockout Ned. Gangs provide a level of organization and resources that support much larger and more complex criminal transactions than an individual criminal could achieve. No one was charged in Aiello's murder. The first major gangs in 19th century New York City were the Irish gangs such as the Whyos and the Dead Rabbits. [9], As the Soviet Union headed for collapse many former government workers turned to crime, while others moved overseas. [7], Organized crime has existed in Russia since the days of Imperial Russia in the form of banditry and thievery. A gangster is a criminal who is a member of a gang.Some gangs are considered to be part of organized crime.Gangsters are also called mobsters, a term derived from mob and the suffix-ster. Many gangs sold alcohol illegally for tremendous profit, and used acute violence to stake turf and protect their interest. In some cases these evolved into Tongs, or criminal organizations primarily involved in gambling. Soy un delincuente (English: I Am a Criminal) is a 1976 Venezuelan film by director Clemente de la Cerda. However, apart from revealing his income from the Cicero gambling operations, Campagna did not provide any useful testimony. He died in 1957 and the media learned about his death three weeks after his burial. The film tells the story of a hoodlum who ascends the ranks of organized crime until he reaches its upper echelons. [1][5] Louis then turned to his cousin Albert Campagna for help. The genre soon became popular, and by the 1970s the Japanese film industry was turning out a hundred mostly low-budget yakuza films each year. [8] In his later years, Campagna spent time at his two farms in Fowler, Indiana and Berrien Springs, Michigan, as well as his house in Berwyn, Illinois. The films are descendants of the samurai epics, and are closer to Westerns than to Hollywood gangster movies. [citation needed], The classic gangster movie ranks with the Western as one of the most successful creations of the American movie industry. In 1919, Campagna was convicted of robbing an Illinois bank and sent to the Pontiac Reformatory in Pontiac, Illinois. Bootlegger Joe Aiello, an ally of the North Side Gang, had unsuccessfully attempted to bribe a hotel chef to poison Capone. In April 1924, Campagna was paroled, but was returned to the reformatory six months later for a parole violation. [26] He would eventually net $75,000 per year from this investment. [2] Outfit boss Anthony Accardo had reportedly bribed a district attorney to facilitate Campagna's quick release. Another route of cocaine traffic goes through Chile, this route is primarily used for cocaine produced in Bolivia since the nearest seaports lie in northern Chile. [3] In the long bloody war with the rival North Side Gang, Campagna proved to be a reliable gunman. [1] [30], Cocaine traffickers from Colombia, and recently Mexico, have also established a labyrinth of smuggling routes throughout the Caribbean, the Bahama Island chain, and South Florida. Gangs provide a level of organization and resources that support much larger and more complex criminal transactions than an individual criminal could achieve. [50] The first movie made by the acclaimed director Wong Kar-wai was a gangster movie, As Tears Go By. In 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution banned the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol for consumption. ]: Da Capo Press. Much has been written on the subject of gangs, although there is no clear consensus about what constitutes a gang or what situations lead to gang formation and evolution. [6], Although gangs and gangsters have existed in many countries and at many times in the past, they have played more prominent roles during times of weakened social order or when governments have attempted to suppress access to goods or services for which there is a high demand. After reeling in a 30-pound (13.6 kg.) grouper fish, Campagna suffered a fatal heart attack. However, Albert wanted nothing to do with his Louis for fear that his children would become targets. Primogeniture was abolished, land could no longer be seized to settle debts, and one fifth of the land was to become private property of the peasants. Under feudalism, the nobility owned most of the land and enforced law and order through their private armies. Campagna was born in Brooklyn to parents from mainland Italy. The triads evolved into criminal societies. Born: Nicodemo Domenico Scarfo March 8, 1929. [3] Some preconceptions may be false. They engage in a variety of crimes including extortion, money laundering, smuggling, trafficking and prostitution. The film tells the story of Ramón Antonio Brizuela, a real-life individual, who since childhood has to deal with rampant violence and the drugs, sex and petty thievery of a Caracas slum. He decided to step down from power when Vito Genovese returned from Italy and challenged him for power to run the Luciano crime family. [25] Gangster is a Bollywood crime thriller film series written, directed and produced by Ram Gopal Varma.It is based on the Indian mafia organization D-Company, known to be run by Dawood Ibrahim.The first film came in 1998: the critically acclaimed Satya, later followed by Company and then the prequel D, with storylines based on the Mumbai underworld. [9] At first, the Vory v Zakone played a key role in arbitrating the gang wars that erupted in the 1990s. Capone's childhood friend, Lucky Luciano, was also originally a member of the Five Points Gang. Der Begriff Gangster stammt ursprünglich aus dem Englischen und … [48], The first yakuza (gangster) film made in Japan was Bakuto (Gambler, 1964). Little Gangster ein Film von Arne Toonen mit Thor Braun, Henry van Loon. The police then placed Campagna in a cell next to Aiello's. In 1919, New York mobster Al Capone moved to Chicago to help South Side Gang boss John Torrio deal with rival bootleggers. The Chicago Outfit created by Johnny Torrio and Al Capone outlasted its founders and survived into the 21st century. The rapid parole of Campagna and his associates created a firestorm of protest in Chicago. His name change led some people to mistakenly believe he was Irish. The gang operated in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Central America, the United States, as well as Canada and Europe throughout the 1970s and 1980s. The arid Bolivia-Chile border is easily crossed by 4x4 vehicles that then head to the seaports of Iquique and Antofagasta. During World War II some prisoners made a deal with the government to join the armed forces in return for a reduced sentence, but upon their return to prison they were attacked and killed by inmates who remained loyal to the rules of the thieves. [28] The plots are generally highly stylized, starting with the protagonist being released from prison and ending in a gory sword fight in which he dies an honorable death. [5], The term "organized crime" is associated with gangs and gangsters, but is not synonymous. He was born in southern Italy but moved to America when he was four years old. [S.l. The first of the new wave of important home grown gangster movies was Im Kwon-taek's General's Son (1990). Gangsters have been active for many years in countries around the world. You've broke faith with us twice now. Louis "Little New York" Campagna (March 31, 1900 – May 30, 1955) was an American gangster and mobster and a high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit for over three decades. The gangsters' code of conduct and loyalty are important elements. Large and well structured gangs such as the Mafia, drug cartels, Triads or even outlaw motorcycle gangs can undertake complex transactions that would be far beyond the capability of one individual, and can provide services such as dispute arbitration and contract enforcement that parallel those of a legitimate government. They often hire traffickers from Mexico or the Dominican Republic to transport the drug. Those suffering from the Depression were able to relate to the gangster character who worked hard to earn his place and success in the world, only to have it all taken away from him. Nicodemo Domenico "Little Nicky" Scarfo (March 8, 1929 – January 13, 2017) was a member of the American Mafia who became the boss of the Philadelphia crime family after the deaths of Angelo Bruno and Phil Testa. [1][7], In the early 1950s, Campagna was summoned to testify before the U.S. Senate in the Kefauver Hearings on organized crime. There is agreement that the members of a gang have a sense of common identity and belonging, and this is typically reinforced through shared activities and through visual identifications such as special clothing, tattoos or rings. Born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1899 to immigrant parents, Capone was recruited by members of the Five Points Gang in the early 1920s. In retaliation, Capone placed a $50,000 bounty on Aiello. Starting with delinquency, Ramón moves on to serious gang activity and robberies. ", International Alliance of Theatrical, Stage Employees & Motion Picture Operators Union, Part 1 Virgil Peterson Testimony to Kefauver Committee July 6, 1950, Part 1 Kefauver Committee Interim Report #3 May 1, 1951, "Mob Leaders Bury Campagna In Lavish Funeral", List of Italian-American mobsters by organization, Collaborations between the United States government and Italian Mafia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Louis_Campagna&oldid=973945800, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 August 2020, at 05:22. On October 23, 1930, Aiello was shot to death while leaving a Chicago apartment. It was founded and run by Ochoa Vázquez brothers with Pablo Escobar. The plots are often similar to those of Hollywood gangster movies, often ending with the fall of the subject of the movie at the hands of another gangster, but such a fall is far less important than a fall from honor. The Albanian Mafia is active in Albania, the United States, and the European Union (EU) countries, participating in a diverse range of criminal enterprises including drug and arms trafficking. Gambino was known to have taken the Mafia out of the lime light and kept it in the dark and away from the media. [29] ; Lisa Simpson, the 8-year-old daughter, who is very smart. In China, Triads trace their roots to resistance or rebel groups opposed to Manchu rule during the Qing dynasty, which were given the triangle as their emblem. The gangster is typically articulate, although at times lonely and depressed, and his worldly wisdom and defiance of social norms has a strong appeal, particularly to adolescents. [27], Although Mexican drug cartels, or drug trafficking organizations, have existed for several decades, they have become more powerful since the demise of Colombia's Cali and Medellín cartels in the 1990s. [54], This article is about members of a gang or criminal organization. Can't we settle it? Colombia is the world's leading producer of cocaine, and also produces heroin that is mostly destined for the US market. On March 18, 1943, Campagna and other Outfit mobsters were indicted in New York on charges of extorting the Hollywood film industry. Give me fourteen days and I'll sell my stores, my house and everything and quit Chicago for good. [24], Most cocaine is grown and processed in South America, particularly in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and smuggled into the United States and Europe, the United States being the world's largest consumer of cocaine. There were similar offshoots in Canada among Italian Canadians. The "classic" form of gangster movie, rarely produced in recent years, tells of a gangster working his way up through his enterprise and daring, until his organization collapses while he is at the peak of his powers. The new immigrants formed Chinese Benevolent Associations. [53] In the late 1980s and early 1990s there was a surge of imports of action movies from Hong Kong. When the Chinese Communist Party came to power in 1949 in mainland China, law enforcement became stricter and tough governmental crackdown on criminal organizations forced the triads to migrate to Hong Kong, then a British colony, and other cities around the world. Luciano is the father of modern organized crime in the United States for the establishment of The Commission in 1931. With a new wave of migration in the 1960s, street gangs began to flourish in major cities. [citation needed], The Sicilian Mafia, or Cosa Nostra is a criminal syndicate that emerged in the mid-nineteenth century in Sicily, Italy. [4], A gang may be a relatively small group of people who cooperate in criminal acts, as with the Jesse James gang, which ended with the leader's death in 1882. [9], "Obit: "Capone Gangster Dead in Florida. CPD mugshot of Louis Campagna. Although this movie followed the earlier tradition, it was followed by a series of sophisticated gangster noirs set in contemporary urban locations, such as A Bittersweet Life (2005). His crime family was later renamed the Genovese crime family. A small street gang that engages in sporadic low-level crime would not be seen as "organized". [45], Latin American gangster movies are known for their gritty realism. The cocaine is then broken down into smaller loads for smuggling across the U.S.–Mexico border. In 1934, Campagna invested approximately $1,500 of his own money in two illegal gambling dens in Cicero, Illinois. Homer J. Simpson, the father, who is overweight, lazy and works at a nuclear power plant and likes doughnuts:); Marge Simpson (née Bouvier), the mother, a housewife, who is very tolerant (understanding) of her family. It is a loose association of criminal groups that share common organizational structure and code of conduct. The film was a blockbuster hit in Venezuela. During the autopsy, a coroner reported removing 59 bullets weighing over a pound from Aiello's body. Think of my wife and my baby. His views change when his fiancée's brother is killed in a robbery. [14] Other criminal organizations that emerged in the Balkans around this time are popularly called the Serbian Mafia, Bosnian Mafia, Bulgarian Mafia and so on. For the film, see, List of American mobsters of Irish descent, "Lucky Luciano | American crime boss | Britannica.com", "Ex-Tokyo cop speaks out on a life fighting gangs — and what you can do", "Field Listing – Illicit drugs (by country)", "High U.S. cocaine cost shows drug war working: Mexico", "Economic Origins of the Mafia and Patronage System in Sicily", "Vory v Zakone has hallowed place in Russian criminal lore", "Mob Life: Gangster Kings of Crime — slideshow", List of criminal enterprises, gangs and syndicates, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gangster&oldid=989837363, Wikipedia pending changes protected pages, Articles needing expert attention with no reason or talk parameter, Articles needing expert attention from November 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2011, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2017, Articles containing Portuguese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 November 2020, at 09:29.