Ammo Table. Choose your desired ammo on the menu above. It’s broken out by Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, and Pistol. The 5.45x39mm is a rifle cartridge used for assault rifles and light machine guns in Escape from Tarkov. This Escape From Tarkov Ammo Chart is fully up-to-date for the 0.12.6 patch and can come in handy for even veteran players. Gun Family. Health. The 9x19mm Parabellum is a pistol cartridge used for pistols and submachine guns in Escape from Tarkov. By GTB79 Started Wednesday at 06:33 PM. All the information is taken from the official wiki and took inspiration from NoFoodAfterMidnights ammo chart. Link to post Share on other sites. Compact. You can find columns for the best value ammo, as well as the best overall ammo. The ammo chart below can serve as a handy reference point while further down we’ll discuss what ammo you should use for the most common gun calibres. Assault rifles ADAR 2-15 AK-101 AK-102 DT MDR 5.56x45 HK 416A5 M4A1 TX-15 DML Recent topics. Ammo Chart. Pistols GLOCK17 GLOCK18C M9A3 MP-443 "Grach" P226R Submachine guns MP5 MP5K-N MP9 MP9-N MPX PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN Saiga-9 Sherpa Recruitments - Open. Filters. Ammo Weapons Armor 11.43x23 12.7x108 12.7x55 12x70 20x70 3.0x29 .366 40x46 4.6x30 5.45x39 5.56x45 5.7x28 7.62x25 7.62x39 7.62x51 7.62x54 9x18 9x19 9x21 9x39 Name Ammo Chart Link. Up to date interactive Escape From Tarkov ammo chart 12.8 comparing damage versus body armor penetration. Visualization of all ammo types in Escape from Tarkov, along with maps and other great tools Please make it so in the ammo chart that the first row stays in place so we can always see what value means what! Tarkov Ammo Chart. 8. 2,799 Armor. Some notes: The new 7.62x54R ammos don't change that 7n1 is still the best all-around ammo, and SNB is the best penetrator, you don't need more than 61 pen for anything really. this will help you find it! 1 Quote; Share this post. The chart below breaks out each of the best ammunition for each weapon type. Looking for the perfect ammunition? 7.62x25mm (TT Pistol) 9x18mm (9mm Makarov) 9x19mm (9mm MP5) The5.56x45mm NATOis arifle cartridgeused forassault riflesinEscape from Tarkov. There are many great Tarkov Ammo charts available on the web that serve as quick reference points for players as to which ammo reigns supreme. ... chillige Rounds in Tarkov... 40. The 9x39mm is a rifle cartridge used for assault carbines and designated marksman rifles in Escape from Tarkov. Assault carbines AS VAL Designated marksman rifles VSS Vintorez You can also toggle the tools for filtering or toggle the table chart for mass-information! M80 got a slight nerf and now can't one shot to the chest through full level 3 armor (without fragmenting) but still breaks through level 5 very quickly. Assault rifles AK-105 AK-74 AK-74M AK-74N AKS-74 AKS-74N AKS-74U AKS-74UN AKS-74UB Light machine guns RPK-16 No streams found.